Seeking Him for Your Happiness

Education shot

Sometimes happiness feels like it is out of my control.

It’s at this time that I’m tempted to put the responsibility for my happiness on the shoulders of another person.  Or, to blame someone for my dissatisfaction.

Truth is, I’m basically saying that I don’t control myself – someone else does.

This is an untrue statement.  I can choose my attitudes and responses.  It’s actually one of the things that no one can take from me – I give it of my free will!

Knowing these things brings peace, and righteous power.

Still, it’s easy to fall into the trap that Satan fashions.  He wants me to be angry at those I love and live with when they don’t give me what I want.  He tells me that it is their fault if I am not feeling awesome.  If I’m alive for myself, if I live for me and not for Jesus, his lies are easy to believe.

There is a way that I can escape his schemes, and it has to do with building a memorial in a sacred space.

In my house, there’s a place I go to.  I have set up a little corner to include meaningful objects that signify to me who God is to me.  He is 3-in-one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  In all the experiences of my life, He has walked with me.  He has shown His nature to me in every challenge.  He has made known an aspect of His character and His name to me.  He is a genius – He is building relationship with me.

In my memorial space, I have placed objects like a heart (reflecting Jesus, the Lover of my soul), a little banner to represent how a flag waves when the breeze blows across its surface (symbolizing Holy Spirit), a dollar bill (symbolizing the provision of the Father), and so on.  When I am feeling needy, and when I am tempted to lean on another person wrongly for my own happiness, I am training myself to go to this place.

This is where I seek out the One who is my “very great reward” (Genesis 15:1).  This is where I take hold of the object that reflects the aspect of the Lord that I need, whether it is His affection, His security, His provision, His healing, His guidance.  As I hold onto this object, I am praying, talking with the Lord, pouring out my heart, giving Him my need.  I DO ask Him for fulfillment in my earthly relationships as I am there.  But the very act of me sitting before Him, seeking His face, is a declaration that He is the only One who can perfectly meet my needs.  And I am recognizing and prophetically declaring this in my actions.

Once I have poured out my soul to Him, I wait, and listen.  A conversation with the Lord must be like that with anyone else – both speaking and listening.  He has things He longs to say to me.  I desperately need to hear His voice like I need the oxygen which continually fills my lungs.  In that space, I encounter Him.


There’s nothing like encountering the Living God, Yahweh Himself.  It is thrilling.  It is life-giving.  He is life!  At this point, I am transformed, and the Word states that I am going from “glory to glory” as I engage Him this way, as I walk in obedience, as I am open to Him.

Having had my deepest needs met by Him during this holy, real moment, I can now leave to go about His business, with my center rightly fixed.  He is the center.  I will not have another person in this place.

This is the secret of controlling the state of my happiness, in choosing it.  Now I am free from me – He has met me in every area of deficit that I have lifted to Him.  This puts me in a position to be honest, loving, and unselfish toward you, because I now do not look to you to meet my need or to bring me happiness.  And, when you do, it’s just “cream on the top”.

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