Build Your Marriage…Better

Couple holding hands


Marriage isn’t like a gravy mix – “just add water”.

If you’re going to “cook up” a good marriage, it’s going to take all the right ingredients, love, care, a little skill, choice resources, the community of loving Believers, and guidance from the Lord.  This truth shouldn’t overwhelm you – in fact, let it encourage you.

Why should you be encouraged?

Because you didn’t enter in to this covenant with 100% manifestation of what you need to have a successful, awesome marriage.  If you count your relationship with the Lord, then, yes, in theory you did.  However, the point is, when you get married, you are entering into an experience that is going to unfold with help.  And, with time.  And, with resources that will come about as you need them, when you are trusting.

Your spouse cannot be your “one-size-fits-all”, Mr. or Ms. Perfect.  They are the companion called to support your life journey.  Someone once said, “They are the person who will complement you in ways you have not even discovered yet.”  Your husband or wife is the person who will weather life’s storms, share the joys and sorrows, endure the trials and savor the sweetness along the way.

If you’ve been facing a degree of unhappiness because you’ve been unconsciously expecting more of your spouse than they can deliver, take a moment to center yourself in the Lord.

You can ask yourself these questions:

  1.  What issues are bothering you, or are on your heart?
  2. What do you crave right now?
  3. How is your quality of connection with God, in the Word and in prayer?
  4. Who can you spend time with to enrich your marriage?  Friends are the true spice of life!
  5. Who can you go to for wise counsel about the troubles you just cannot seem to navigate?
  6. How can you express love to your husband or wife today, in a way that speaks their language?

Marriage may not be as un-complicated as we’d like it to be, but it’s possible to find abundant joy and to be fulfilled within this one-of-a-kind relationship.  God is gloriously hand-detailing you and your spouse in every way, just as He promised He would.


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